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About Mashad Waher:

سالن تولید مشهد واشر

Company History:

 In 1978, Mashhad Washer Company has started its work with private capital and as the manufacturer of gaskets for all kinds of motorcars, trucks and vans, agricultural and industrial machinery. In 1983, received the principle agreement and until the year 1986 established some part of its building and production facilities. Since 1987, it has been the member of Gasket Standards Committee in Iran Standard Administration. The result of this effort led to the creation of modern laboratory for testing raw materials with too much capital and having modern facilities and Machinery. In 1997, after examining by the industrial experts and officials, Mashhad Washer was succeeded to receive research and development license from the ministry of industry, and then by employing expert members, could settle quality management systems according to Sapco requirements.

The most prominent advantages of the Company:

•    Belief in organization excellence by establishing quality management systems
•    Using high quality raw materials according to international standards
•    Using facilities, special production technologies, expert and experienced members in the field of gasket manufacturing (designing and making molds, making the first sample (prototype), mass production)
•    Using new technology of water jet cutting machine in making the first sample and mass production
•    Using specialized and new technology for silicon coating with micron thickness in the production process
•    Employing specialized and educated members in all related units
•    Company’s evolution based on the latest valid international certificates related to quality
•    Having the most equipped laboratory for testing gasket raw materials in automotive industry
•    Having the confirmation of laboratory equipment and testing method

Future programs of the Company:

•    Developing the products according to the automotive industry strategy and the need of aftermarket
•    Improving the quality systems according to the latest new international standards and the needs of costumers
•    Upgrading laboratory equipment and material testing in order to create Accredited laboratory
•    Designing the most optimal management information systems (MIS) with the aim of integrating the information
•    Training project-based thinking of developing the new production phases and creating appropriate way for employment creation
•    Establishing a new approach in the field of human resources and staff motivation
•    Wider input for producing specialized gaskets needed for oil, gas and petrochemical industries, which until now we have been able to attract customers in aforementioned industries and provide the product.

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Factory: The First Square on the right most Industrial Estate Road, Asian Highway 18th Km, Mashhad, Iran
Central Office: No.28 Imam Reza 46 street, Mashhad, Iran

Factory Tell:           +98 51 35421592-4
Fax:                       +98 51 35421591
SMS:                      +98 3300 3000

Office Tell:                +98 51 38525775
                               +98 51 38548870
                               +98 51 38546763
Fax:                         +98 51 38527146